Taemin is so pretty!!! !~ ♥

August 9, 2010

Omg. I’m serious! Taemin is soo pretty!! No jokes!  xDD
Gyaa~ *taemin fangirl moment*
Hot and pretty. xD

I’m jealous
But, seriously….LOVE YOU TAEMIN! ^_______^

Oh gawd help me….I don’t get how someone can be this hot!!!~ xDD *fangirl moment*.

But really, I seriously think that Taemin is prettier than many girls I know. O__O  AND hotter than many guys I know. LOOL. xDD

This boy is getting sexier day by day!!~

Remember his cute looky? xD

Taemin I love youu! ^_^ ♥


One comment

    ahhh he is so cute

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