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Onew has abs!?? ;3

August 9, 2010

Watch this and see. ;3

Credits: vivioncifer &everything-O

Hehehehe!~ Some gifs that some awesome person made. ;3

Credits: to whoever made it. tumblr, and SHINee Soompi

Gosh~ DUBU! I see your abs!!!! ^__^
Ahhh~ Never knew Dubu had a body like that. Love you Onew! ^^
But….that shirt he’s wearing is …so..teasing!! xD
Just take it off Onew! xDD


Taemin is so pretty!!! !~ ♥

August 9, 2010

Omg. I’m serious! Taemin is soo pretty!! No jokes!  xDD
Gyaa~ *taemin fangirl moment*
Hot and pretty. xD

I’m jealous
But, seriously….LOVE YOU TAEMIN! ^_______^

Oh gawd help me….I don’t get how someone can be this hot!!!~ xDD *fangirl moment*.

But really, I seriously think that Taemin is prettier than many girls I know. O__O  AND hotter than many guys I know. LOOL. xDD

This boy is getting sexier day by day!!~

Remember his cute looky? xD

Taemin I love youu! ^_^ ♥


FT Island and SHINee fangirl arts. xD

August 9, 2010

I was looking through my artbook (that I haven’t touched in a year) and found this picture that I drew last year! xD I haven’t actually drawn in a while. >__>

Umm~ It’s suppose to be FT Island during their debut days. LOOOL~
I was never good at drawing, so please give me some slack. xDD

Started and Finished in 2009.

You can’t really see the names, but the guy on the far left is suppose to be Jaejin, then Hongki (the one with the mic), then Jonghyun, then Minhwan. The dude infrong of Hongki is Seunghyun and the dude on the boat is Wonbin. LOOL~ yeh. Laugh. xD They’re suppose to be on an island playing their instruments singing “FT ISLAND”, and I actually named this piece of art “My FT Island”. XD I think I got this idea from some other fanart I saw. xDD
Give me some slack. I know it’s horrible compared to other’s beautiful fanarts. xD I never took drawing lessons or anything ….so  yeah. V_V
This was from last summer! I can’t believe that I actually forgot about this. LOOOL~ and the year went by soo fast!! O___O

Here’s a close up in my Minhwan drawing. LOOL~ Looks nothing like him. T~T

I can’t really draw that drumset…so I just drew those mini little kid’s drums to represent it. XDDD

OH~ and today, since I finally found this artbook I finished off this random drawing that I drew months ago. xD
Took me like..15mins. xDDD Uhhg. It’s bad and random. xD

Started in somewhere in 2009 left it off for months and finished today…2010. xDDD

You see that in the bubbles there is the boy groups I like. ^__^ SHINee, FT Island and Big Bang. xDDD Then in hearts are the cutie pututie members I like. ;3
There’s Taemin, Jaejin, Key, G-dragon and Minhwan. LOOL~ I almost forgot to put you Minhwannie~ T.T So….you’re in that random bubble. xDDDDD
Please ignore that UGLLYY mic at the bottom left corner. LOOOL~ ITS HIDIOUS! xDD



Ahh~ I’m just so bored, that I shared these drawings. xDDDD

Hope they didn’t hurt your eyes!! >__< xP