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SHINee wins Music Bank!!~

August 6, 2010

Kekeke~ Once again, SHINee wins the stage of today’s Music Bank. ^^ as expected. :3

Credits: UnknownCarrot160 @youtube

Baby Taemin has a red elbow!!!!! T~T

Key’s smiles. *dies*

Congrats SHINee!! ♥ >W<


She’s Back – Infinite’s MV!~

August 6, 2010

Well, with all the random new idol groups popping like daisies these day, only a few actually caught my eyes. 😀

First is D-NA and CN Blue, and now I think I’m liking Infinite. ^^

They already caught my attention when I first saw them preform “Come Back Again”. Like, they were so in sync! =D reminded me of shinee dancing to replay back then…xD

The recently released their new song, “She’s Back” after their debut song, “Come Back Again”. 😀

She’s Back – Infinite MV

Credits: woolliment @youtube


The MV is so fresh!! It gives off this…”happy cheerful summer fresh cute guys on the beach swimming having fun” feel. xDDD I hope that makes sense. x3 Liking the MV! ^^

My main problem is…..I’m soo confused with who’s who. I can’t tell them apart! All I know is that there is this one dude named L, and I found out that the first guy who rapped in the song is Hoya and the guy with the orage hair is ..Woohyun?? o__O

I’m confused. Lool~ xD someone want to help ?? xD

I like their name too. Infinite. ^^ Like lately, there are just too many new groups with weird names. O__O

I think I would look out for Infinite now. ^^…like for now, none of their looks really catches my attention greatly….but I think they really have potential and talents. ^^