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My Precious Goodies~

August 1, 2010

Well, my orders came on Thursday but I decided to take a picture of them today. xDDD When I went to check my mailbox and saw the package, I was so happy that I could  have screamed…on the streets. xDD I literally ran home..and screamed….which scared my parents. LOL~ Pathetic fangirl I am. xDD

I ordered SHINee\’s second album LUCIFER and FT Island\’s MBC Collection ^^

SHINee’s album is worth every penny I have. Love it! ^^

The photocard I got is Onew. ^^ I actually didn’t mind who I got, cuz just love SHINee! ^^ but..ONEW IS ADORABLE! ^^

my phone camera sucks chickens.  T______T

I know it’s blurry. T_T

Just love the album. >3< ♥ SHINee for sure worked very hard. ^^

Kekekeke~ This FT Island’s collection took me a while to get because of the price. Lool~ BUT I FINALLY GOT IT! =DDD

LOTS of photos, and there are the photocards things. :3 Love it.

There are 2 DVDs. One with the journey of FT Island, like their overseas promotions, making of “I Hope”‘s MV, some variety shows they have been on. The other DVD is each member’s individual interview. ♥ and the music videos + some live performances they had. ^^

It’s a really good collection. ^__^♥

Here are my precious babies!! :33

These items are worth my money. ;3 So happy I got them. ^^

I would show more pictures, but I’m sleepy and lazy and my phone camera sucks. Too lazy to get my camera. xP It’s like almost 3AM here….time to sleep. ^^

PLEASE SUPPORT SHINEE AND FT ISLAND by purchasing their albums, singles etc. !! ^^

Okie ~ I’m done. Rant over. XP

Good Nighty everyone! ^__^