SHINee Finally makes their comeback!! :D

July 23, 2010

The wait is overrrraaa~ 😀

SHINee preformed two songs, Up & Down and of course. Lucifer. ^^

Minho sat out for the preformance because of his injury. Get better soon Minho ah! I’m glad SM didn’t make him dance! If they did, Iwould have been soo mad! =O

I LOVE IT! I love the comeback! I like how Key is so cute during Up & Down, Onew’s smile during U&D made me melt. xD Lucifer was a bam! Like…I always love how professional SHINee is. They get on stage. and WHAM. They do a fantastic job. ^__^Jonghyun’s voice never disappoints me. Heck, SHINee never dissappoints me. ^^

Taemin. You. Are. Sexy. =D

I never knew Taeminny can be so sexy. Loool~

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