SHINee’s Taemin the second to tease us for comeback! <3

July 9, 2010

Credits: allkpop

Omg~ Baby is growing up so fast! *sniffy*

…can’t stop looking at his chest….xDDD

As you can see from the picture, you can see Taemin with a new hairstyle which looks longer than his previous hair, along with heavy makeup. ^^ Pretty…uh…weird …”interesting” make up indeed. xDD

Baby’s mushroom cut is gone. BUT I LOVE HIS HAIR!!!  I like guys with longer hair like Taemin is Juliette days. ;D

*fangirl spaz* I LOVE YOU TAEMIN!!!

I think I like this picture of Taemin more than Minho’s.Maybe because Taemin kept his shirt on. To be honest, as much as I was  happy to see Minho’s abs, I was pretty shocked with his picture cuz he was shirtless. SHINee babies all had an innocent image before. XD Now, I can’t wait to see Key. HECK! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE EVERONE!!!

According to a rumor Onew is next, then Jonghyun and Key.

*** SHINee’s comeback has been posponed due to Minho’s injury.

Guys we have to wait until Minho BB gets better. Minho ahh! Take care of yourself. Get better soon!! T__T


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