D-NA Jay’s Popping skills~

June 23, 2010

The maknae of D-NA is a fantastic popper!! >w<

Well, from what I know before Jay is very very good at dancing. 🙂 Well…I guess this video that he uploaded proved everything right. 😀

Credits: Daum | A-nill @ MYBOSS | enchanteDNA.com Download at our eDNA (enchanteDNA.com)

Omoo~ I think I fell in love.!~ I’m really liking D-NA a  lot now! In my opinion, they are the best rookie group right now. CN Blue is pretty good too. lol~ x3

I don’t know why, but this video of Jay reminded me of this one video of Taemin.♥

Credits: Ladychan @youtube

God, his shirt ripping at the end ~ xD

They are both awesome dancers. How I just love cutie good dancers! >W<

Side note.~

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