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FT Island in Philippine TV “Showtime”~

March 5, 2010

FT Island was guests on a Pilippine TV Show, “Showtime”.

FT Island performed, “Still” from the drama Hongki was casted, “You’re Beautiful”. ❤

Credits:: eytcetera @youtube

Such an awesome performance. ❤ Jaejin ahh~ Why are you so cute in that outfit? >W< and Minhwannie~ He dyed his hair a darker colour and that bow on his outfit is too adorable. >W< I love both of their outfits. I like this image of FT island. >W< Jaejin’s english is quite good, not a very heavy accent and teeheee~ so cute. xDDD

Very lucky fans. ~ I love the signs, I saw one that said, “Good Morning Bob”. So cute of them! ^^

Gahh~ I really miss FT Island. >W< Comeback soon ah?! >3<


Dae Guk Nam Ah debuts on M!Countdown.!~

March 5, 2010


Tokyo Boy – D-NA

Credits:: AMFandre1 @ youtube

Kekeke~ They sure are popular for a rookie group. ^_^ I’m so happy for them . ❤

They really remind me of DBSK during “Hug”. xD