Happy 1000th Day FT Island!!~ <33

March 3, 2010

Yuppers, it’s FT Island’s 1000th day after debut. >W<

Gah~ It doesn’t seem that long eh? It seems like it wasn’t a long time ago when they first debuted with “Love Sick”.

Time sure pass fast. >w<

This is a 1000th day message I found on FT Island’s Soompi thread.

Credits:: ^ stated above.

Hope you guys would read it, it’s so sweet. >///<

First of all, to Choi Jonghun, Oh Wonbin, Lee Hongki,
Happy birthday.
Today, the day you were born
It is such a special day.
Because you were born, thank you.

Also, today is our 1000th day.
Although it is long, it feels so short.
It has been 1000 days together,
but it hasn’t been in vain.
We sincerely realized how important this time was.

June 7th, 2007, no, even before then
Five princes
Descended from the sky.
And granting themselves the name
of a rock band.

These five princes, to me,
Each one who has their own special talent
They are all romantic guys.
No, they are more like boys.
They have grown up so fine.

One member left on a new journey
And we met a new person.
At first, we were all like this
Worried, anxious, and afraid
But we came to trust each other.

During 1000 days the painful things, the hard things
There were many.
But we weren’t alone
Because were were together
We were able to stand up again.

I am happy.
I am thankful.
I love you.
The five members,
No – Now it’s six members
We got to know you all.

From now on, we’ll do better.
FT Island has an opportunity.
There many many more opportunities from now on,
Above all else, loving music
To give to fans again.

At any time, promise to trust one another.
Words that say it’s love, words that say I love you,
Words that say it’s forever
To me, these words are sincere.
During these 1000 days, it became even stronger.

At anytime, anywhere we will support you,
Because of the music you love,
We, 1000 years, 10,000 years, like this
will happily live.

Our safe, enrapturing, beautiful Jonghun / Our neverending, charming, hopeful Hongki
Our very reliable, one who has dreams, impressive Wonbin / Our passionate and having a beautiful smile Jaejin
Our very hardworking and having beautiful features Seunghyun / Our aegyo-filled, “if you just look at him you’re happy” Minhwan

Still, the road we must take is very long
A neverending path and voyage,
But because we’re together we’re happy, we get strength.
Not five, but six members will brightly light up always.

*sniffy*…it’s too sweet. >W<


We Primadonnas would always give FT Island our love and always support the boys. >W<

FT Island Picture SPAM! =]

I’m trying my best to put these in order. ^^

Please give credit to : Hwanniefti11 or as labeled on picture, it to take away. =]

[Lool~ I love that attitude that Jaejin has. xDD]


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