SHINee Likes Joey Yung praised that HK girls are cute!!~?

February 16, 2010

When I first read the title I was like, “Oh my geee~!!”. xDD Because Joey Yung is my favourite female Hong Kong singer/celebrity. ^_____^

“It was SHINee’s first time in HK to spend Lunar New Years. The boys all said that they felt very excited and fresh to spend the festival abroad and felt very happy to spend the Chinese New Years with HK fans. The 5 boys picked up the red greetings papers and firecrackers decorations to take pictures and played around happily like young kids! When asked about the differences between HK and Korea during Lunar New Years, they said “In Korea, we will eat Ddubukki soup and visit relatives house/ greet elderly or meet up with friends to play.” Besides Key, it was the members’ first time in HK and they wanted to visit Victoria Peak and Yumcha eat dimsum the most.

As this year’s CNY lied on Valentines Day, SHINee talked about their ideal types. Onew said that he particularly likes cute and well-behaved girls, Jonghyun likes fair-skinned and long hair-ed girls, Minho likes pretty and elegant girls. Taemin and Key said that they liked Emma Watson and Sienna Miller respectively. The 5 boys all agreed and praised that HK girls are very cute and charming: “We really like Joey Yung and Jacky Chan.”

In terms of their plans for this year, the 5 boys are planning to focus on the overseas market and hopes to do an Asian Tour Concert like other Korean singers. On the April 24th, they will perform in Yokohama with their hoobaes f(x) and Kim Bum etc.

Meanwhile the 5 boys finished their HK activities and flew back to Korea yesterday.”

Credits:: http://the-sun.on.cc/
Translation: vivz@soompi

SHINee on Scoop Hong Kong TV. ^__^

Credits:: yaziz7

Kekekekkeeee~ Taemin and his Emma Watson. xDDDDDDD Fanboy. x3

It’s really nice that they visited Victoria’s Peak. ^^ It’s really worth a visit if you go to Hong Kong. The scenary is more beautiful at night. >W<

Lool~ They like Jacky Chan. x3

To be honest, I was really surprised when I read that they like JoeyYung also. ^__^ I never knew that they know who she is. xDD

For those who doesn’t know who she is…

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