FT Island 2010 Hong Kong Fanmeeting!!!~<3

February 16, 2010


FT Island arrived in Hong Kong, and held their first Hong Kong fanmeeting.

Here is are fancam of part of the event.

FT Island Pig Cutting Ceremony

Credits: silh0uettefancams @youtube

Hahahahaa~ Pig Cutting Ceremony is quite common in Hong Kong. Usually it’s conducted in the beginning of filming movies, dramas, opening of stores, concerts etc, for good luck or just celebration. ^__^

Hongki and the knife…so dorky..and cute! Be careful ah!! That made my entire day. xDD Many of the fans were calling for Jaejin and Hongki. xD Jaejin, you’re do dorky in the beginning of the vid. ❤ When a fan called Minhwan’s name he waved. >//////////////< *is so jealous* Omg, at 2:39 when the workers or fans gave FT Island the flowers and the heart cushion, Minhwan smelled the flowers and it was too adorable.  >W<  Those cushions are really cute too. It has their names on it. ^__^ Jaejin ah!! You don’t know how much I LOVE your hair right now! Kekekkee~ He looks so good lookinggg!~ . >W<

From what I heard at near the end of the video, the fans were not co-operating that well. The MC or someone keeps telling them to take a seat.  Lool~ Who would…when FT Island are right in front of their eyes. xD

I wish I was there. Just my luck, the one year that I don’t go to Hong Kong, SHINee and FT Island visits. T__T(lool~ I have been complaing about this a lot…sorry..please bear with me. xP )

Funny thing is that this is the second time that FT Island arrived in a country after SHINee. The last time was in Singapore. SHINee arrived first and then FT Island arrived the next day or so. FT Island came before SHINee to Singapore  and now, SHINee came to Hong Kong on the 12th and left on the 15th, and following their departure FT Island arrives in Hong Kong. They actually came at 10:30pm Hong Kong time on the 15th.  Vice versa. ^______________^

Heee~ How I just love these two groups…<3

FT Island!! Good luck on you’re  performance tomorrow!!! ❤ ^____^



  1. in singapore…F T island arrive one day before shinee 🙂

    • ohh~ Thank you for the infoo!~ hehehee~ My bad. xDDD

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