SHINee performing in TMTPlaza Countdown!~ <3

February 14, 2010


So lucky HK Shawols! Getting to start the new year with SHINee. >3<

SHINee in total performed 3 songs, along with playing a few games. ^^

They performed, Ring Ding Dong, Jojo, and Replay.

Credits: hkEntertainmentXpress @youtube

Ring Ding Dong



Onew and Key both played a Balloon Popping Game. Onew had to say Chinese New Year sayings in Cantonese, and Key had to name 10 fruits in English. Wahaa~ Onew you’re so good in Cantonese. <3. Lool~ and Key was able to only name 5 or 6 fruits and then in the end he said “Kung Hai Fat Choi” instead. SO CUTE~ and the MC was like..“What? Kung Hai Fat Choi is a fruit? xDDD”

lool~ When the MC heard how good Onew was speaking, he was like “wah! are your from Hong Kong??!!” xDDDD

Key, you’re too cute.~ xDD ❤

and Taemin was showing an example on how to dance the red pockets off, for the girls who were playing the game. ^__^ SO HOT!

<3333333 *melts*

Onew and Taemin were demonstrating together. Onew pulled off a really funny sangtae. ❤

Heheheh~ <333

Kekekee~ I wish I was there. x3 But, I’m happy for the HKshawols. They did a good job. xDDD The whole mall was packed with SHINee fans. !!!


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