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SHINee arrives in Hong Kong Airport!!! <3

February 12, 2010


It have been said that SHINee arrived in Hong Kong safely. >W<

damn it. why am I not in Hong Kong. T__T

Hong Kong Cable News


Hehehehee~ I’m so happy I understood everything. Lol. Kekeke~ SHINee introduced themselves in Mandarin first, [“Da Jia Hao, Wo Men Shi SHINee”] and then they said in Cantonese, [“Gong Hei Fat Choi”] which means “wish you to earn more money’.. >W< Hehehee~ so cute. .

I swear, if I were to be in Hong Kong right now…hoho…i’ll be a happy person and will die happily. …

Here’s another Fancam from one of the fans. :]

credit: soso1010loman@YT

Taemin! ❤

From my previous post, it has been said that SHINee would be performing in Tmtplaze for the lunar year countdown. Ahhhhhh~ I’ve been there. >W<

But, apart from my furiousness of not being in Hong Kong right now, I’m very very very happy too at the same time, because SHINee my most favourite boygroup [fyi: FT Island is my most fav boy”band”. xD] is visiting my hometown. ..and so will FT Island. ^_________^

I hope they like it there. !!~ and FIGHTING to both groups.


Happy New Years to those who celebrates.!!~ ^_^