SHINee at 19th Seoul Music Awards.~ <3

February 3, 2010

SHINee winning Bonsang Award :

SHINee’s perfomance :: Taemin’s Solo dance, Juliette, and Ring Ding Dong

Credits: shakizi


Congratulations SHINee for winning the award!! You guys sure deserved it!! ^___^

Aicheee~ Taemin did such an awesome job during his solo part. !~ So hot. >W< I’m loving him even MORE. !!! The performance was pretty good, but they all seem so tired. Poor boys… I’m feeling tired for them. T.T Heh, did you guys noticed the typo in “Juliette“? They spelled “Juliet” instead. xD

Key Dancing to SNSD’s Oh::

Credits:: Kimke. net

Awww. Our Almight Key already knows the dance. >W< He’s absolutly amazing. ❤

Credits:: as tagged, Lady, Awesome, theBling, Rachel718, SHINee Soopi forum

Aiyaa~!! I LOVE KEY’S HAIR! ❤

All the boys look fantastic elastic as usual.!!!!!! >W<

Minho ah….your hair…*is speechless*……..I miss him with shorter hair. >_>

Well, Congrats to SHINee again.



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