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SHINee Hello Baby Episode 3!!!~ <3

February 2, 2010


It’s Tuesday = Hello Baby~

Part 1::

Part 2::

Part 3::

Part 4::

Part 5::

Part 6::

credits: 5minniemink @ youtube



Jonghyun finally got his kiss recorded. <33 xDD


FT Island Message to fans + Manila 2010

February 2, 2010

Heheheh~ These 3 clips made my day. >W<

FT Island’s message to Sendvoice Fan Club::

Credits: sendvoice + Honggi’s Forum (nunita_lft) @ popcornfor2 + reup by CNMK@PITeam

Kekekekekee~ Notice at 0:15 while Seunghyun is talking, Hongki and Jaejin were doing f(x)’s Chu~ dance, and then Minhwan joins in and starts them to do SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” Dance, at the part “go rocka go rocka go rocka”. Aiyaa~ They are so dorky and  adorable! >///////////<

FT Island Invites You to Manila 2010 Showcase::

This is the non NG one. xD

Here is the funny NG one.

Credits:: spinmanila @youtube

Heheheheeee~ Seunghyun‘s face was priceless when Hongki said “merch instead of March”. >W<

Loool~ Jonghun doing the finger wave. xDDDD

Ohhh~ and notice in the video, Jaejin is wearing that camera necklace?. Hehehe~ I found a picture where Minhwan wore the same necklace before. >W<

Gahhh~ Too cute. ❤

I’m really happy that Jaejin‘s hair is longer. I love him with longer hair. ^^ It reminds me of him in his debut days. I think that longer hair on him suites him best. >W<

Credits:: as shown

Jaejin in debut days..<33

He~ I love the boys, I’m missing them a lot. ><