U-Kiss’s Without You!~~

January 27, 2010

those are some hot abs!!~

Well, after Man Man Ha Ni, looks like U-kiss is coming back with their first full length album, “Only One”. It would be available for digital download on January 27, and the album would be in stores on February 3rd. According to Allkpop, U-kiss haven’t set a comeback date yet.

Without You is the the song that they will be promoting. ^__^

I have to say, this song is very addictive. >w<It’s already on repeat.

This is the track list for “Only One”.

2.I Like You Remix
3.ManManHaNi Remix
4.Not Young Remix
5.O.K Remix
6.Give it to Me Remix
7.Talk to Me Remix
10.Bang Bang Ban
11.Dancing Floor
12.Without You
13.뭐라고 (Instrumental)
14.빙글빙글 (Instrumental)

Credits:: Allkpop

To be honest, I got really interested in U-Kiss by seeing Dongho from Maknae Rebellion. xDD


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