Minhwan dancing to Rainism?!!~

January 27, 2010

Oh. My Geeeeee!~~

Minhwan Dancing to Rainism – Men’s Stories In Busan~

Credits:: trandimehoa @youtube

*fangirl squeal*

Aigooo!~ I can’t believe my eyes! Minhwannie! You have been hiding that talent from us for how long!!????? I never knew that Minhwan can dance!! >W<  Omg. He grown up so much!! That cute image is gone. >.< I actually really miss those cute images times of FT Island. Well, I guess you can’t be cute forever. >.> BUT MINHWAN IS HOT! ….xDDD

Lol~ People always said that Minhwan looks kinda like Rain (Bi) . xD

Comparing to his other solo stages at FT Island concerts, this stage was the hottest one. xDDD His other ones were drumming. >W<

Their First Concert. ~

Awww~ He’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee!~

and then now, he performs singing with the piano!~ ❤

Credits:: eowyssh @youtube


Minhwannie! You have so many talents! >W<

But the funny thing is that when FT Island first debuted, Wonbin, Hongki and Jonghun were similar ages to what Minhwan is now. [About 18-19 of age] and them being 18, they had their cute image, while now when Minhwan is now 18 [Korean age] he’s in a more of a grown up look? xDD I don’t know, I just find this a little funny. ^^

LOOOOL~ This was in their “Rock Prince” Concert, where they were dancing to “So Hot – Wonder Girls“. xDDDDD

Kekekek~ ❤ I really miss this image of him, but ….I don’t mind his hot look now. ;]

Aiyechaaa~ Minhwan Oppa!~ I lubb youuu~ xDDD FIGHTING!


  1. Choi MIN hwan ( 최 분 환 )


  2. i love you i dream mareid of mé

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