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Minhwan dancing to Rainism?!!~

January 27, 2010

Oh. My Geeeeee!~~

Minhwan Dancing to Rainism – Men’s Stories In Busan~

Credits:: trandimehoa @youtube

*fangirl squeal*

Aigooo!~ I can’t believe my eyes! Minhwannie! You have been hiding that talent from us for how long!!????? I never knew that Minhwan can dance!! >W<  Omg. He grown up so much!! That cute image is gone. >.< I actually really miss those cute images times of FT Island. Well, I guess you can’t be cute forever. >.> BUT MINHWAN IS HOT! ….xDDD

Lol~ People always said that Minhwan looks kinda like Rain (Bi) . xD

Comparing to his other solo stages at FT Island concerts, this stage was the hottest one. xDDD His other ones were drumming. >W<

Their First Concert. ~

Awww~ He’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee!~

and then now, he performs singing with the piano!~ ❤

Credits:: eowyssh @youtube


Minhwannie! You have so many talents! >W<

But the funny thing is that when FT Island first debuted, Wonbin, Hongki and Jonghun were similar ages to what Minhwan is now. [About 18-19 of age] and them being 18, they had their cute image, while now when Minhwan is now 18 [Korean age] he’s in a more of a grown up look? xDD I don’t know, I just find this a little funny. ^^

LOOOOL~ This was in their “Rock Prince” Concert, where they were dancing to “So Hot – Wonder Girls“. xDDDDD

Kekekek~ ❤ I really miss this image of him, but ….I don’t mind his hot look now. ;]

Aiyechaaa~ Minhwan Oppa!~ I lubb youuu~ xDDD FIGHTING!


SNSD’s Oh! MV Released!! ~

January 27, 2010

Check it out.! ~

Credits:: sment @youtube

All I have to say is that, I’m addicted to this song. O__O Like, honestly this song is not as good as “Gee”. but…somehow I’m really addicted to it. xDDD

The ending of the MV was very interesting. Heh. the dark side of SNSD. xDDD Maybe there would be a continuation to a different song? Because if it was another version of Oh! in that kind of style, I don’t think it would fit very well..don’t cha thing? xD

I’m not a very big fan of SNSD or any of the members, but they have very beautiful legs. >W< I wish I have a hot body like they do.. and even though I’m not a fan of Jessica either, she looks so much like a Barbie doll! So pretty!!! she’s gorgeous.!. [and I don’t care about all the plastic surgery rumors and such…] No wonder so many boys go gaga over SNSD. xDDD


U-Kiss’s Without You!~~

January 27, 2010

those are some hot abs!!~

Well, after Man Man Ha Ni, looks like U-kiss is coming back with their first full length album, “Only One”. It would be available for digital download on January 27, and the album would be in stores on February 3rd. According to Allkpop, U-kiss haven’t set a comeback date yet.

Without You is the the song that they will be promoting. ^__^

I have to say, this song is very addictive. >w<It’s already on repeat.

This is the track list for “Only One”.

2.I Like You Remix
3.ManManHaNi Remix
4.Not Young Remix
5.O.K Remix
6.Give it to Me Remix
7.Talk to Me Remix
10.Bang Bang Ban
11.Dancing Floor
12.Without You
13.뭐라고 (Instrumental)
14.빙글빙글 (Instrumental)

Credits:: Allkpop

To be honest, I got really interested in U-Kiss by seeing Dongho from Maknae Rebellion. xDD