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FT Island staff robbed??!~

January 25, 2010

Oh my geeee!!~

“F.T. Island’s staff members were robbed of personal items on the 23rd at their concert.

F.T.Island was performing for their Pusan concert and did not end things well. Their company stated, “At the Pusan concert, while the dancers were on stage, money, cell phones, and the make up box disappeared. We called the police but right now we are in Seoul.””

From::  Allkpop

How can people do such things. T__T

No matter what they stole, it’s still a big no no. Personally, I hate people who steal. I just  hope that those weren’t crazy fans that stole just to get celeb’s numbers. -__-” That is just low.

but, FT Island & staff members! GOOD LUCK for future concerts and..FIGHTING! <33