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Key’s Ideal Girl is a SNSD member??!!~

January 23, 2010

*insert jealous scream*

SHINee member Key reveals that there is a member from group So Nyeo Shi Dae who is his ideal type of girl.

He was on ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ on SBS E!TV recently when he revealed that amongst the SNSD members, there is his ideal type of girl.

It was during the corner on the show called ‘The terrifying YES’ where he was asked the question ‘There is a member in SNSD whom I like” and his answer was “Yes”.

But with much suspicion coming from the ‘MakBanShi’ members on the show, Key said, “I have never thought of them as women since they are family members from the same company. I just answered that for the sake of the game”.

The show is set to air at 10pm on 23rd January.”

Credits: sookyeong, Newsen

Lol~ “I just answered that for the sake of the game..” Key Oppa, you’re funny. xDD

But hey, even if it was for real, I’m not surprised. Even though I’m not a big fan of SNSD, I think they are really pretty. *is jealous*

I can’t wait to watch Maknae Rebellion now! >W< First there is Seunghyun from FT Island, and now with SHINee AGAIN!! *melts* even though I have to study for 4 exams!~~ T__T