SHINee Minho Touching Gesture. ~

January 21, 2010

On this week’s Star King, Minho from SHINee did something that touched my heart and made me love him more. >W<

From Article::

“The act of SHINee MinHo giving a kiss to an elderly has attracted much attention.

Photos of MinHo kissing the cheeks and holding the hands of an elderly lady Park YeSook (56) who lives in ChoongNam on SBS Star King have been revealed recently.

Mdm Park YeSook has got weak and broken bones since she was born and has since stop proper bones development. She is only 80cm in height. Down with congenital osteogenesis imperfecta, she has never walked with her husband for once before.

Even though life is often inconvenient and tough, Mdm Park has always live enjoyably through singing. And appearing on Star King show, it was her first time visiting Seoul in the 56 years of her life.

Not only was she able to fulfill her dream to be on Star King stage, she also revealed, “I really like MinHo, even though he is 40 years younger than I am.”

She even present MinHo with poppies as gifts on the show. And poppies symbolise “the love that will never be”.

She gave MinHo kisses on his cheeks and he also returned the kisses, while the audience cheered on in envy.

The PD of Star King said that the audience was very touched that MinHo returned Mdm Park’s gestures of affection in that sudden situation. MinHo has always appeared as someone who is matured, and with this filming, he has proved to be so and warmed the hearts of many.”

The show will air on 23rd January at 6.3opm.”

Credits:: Newsen & K Bites

Aigooo!~ He’s so sweet!~ To be honest, out of all the SHINee members, Minho is the one I like the least. >< but now I like him more. >W<

This defiantly touched my heart. I really like people who actually cares for people. and esp for those who are…. different from us, Like I think everyone deserves to be treated equally. ^__ ^

Good personality, beautiful, great dancing, awesome singing …how can you not love SHINee!!!~. >W<



  1. Omg, Minho is so kind! I had no idea D:
    I admire people like her for being happy with whatever they have.
    Haha, yes, everyone should be in love with SHINee. ❤

    i’m just waiting for the proposal!
    jaykayy xD

  3. i have known that minho really friendly to everyone from the first i saw him…

    it really looks from his face..

    a do love him so much..

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