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SHINee Hello Baby Cut!~

January 19, 2010

Hehehhe~ it’s out today!~

I couldn’t find the whole episode. -__-” and I don’t have time. T__T stupid EQAO testing tomorrow.

but this I watched some of it, and this cut is just too adorable! >W<

Taeminnn!~ <333333333333 Aiyaa~ I think I just died. ~~~~~~~~~~ Too cute!~ >W<

Credits:: CrazyFreakii1001’re too cute. >W<

LOOOL~ this made me laugh. Onew. ❤

Credits:: viviantww

credits: shakizi

Aww. Taeminny. ❤

Key you’re too adroable. >W<


I’m in love. ❤ Taemin xDD

credit: shakizi

Please take out with credits!

Gyaaaa~ I hate these exams and EQAO testing, ….Too much studying to do. *sigh*..I guess I will watch these shows later when exams over. T__T  or I’ll find time to watch. xD