So Stresssed!~~~

January 15, 2010

Lately, I got really into folding paper stars…again….xDD

Hehehhe~ <33


Looool~ I had nothing better to do. xDD

Gahh~ I feel so stressed these days. Exams are coming up closer and closer, and I cannot focus on studying. That is my main problem…I can’t focus. >__< I’m so nervous and scared of the exams. None of the information are getting into my head! and for some reason, I have the feeling that I already know the info enough but ….I know that I would forget everything on the exam. *dies*.

I’m limiting my computer time until exams are all over…I try to not think of things that would get me off track…cough SHINee, FT Island, SHU-I, Taemin, Key, Minhwan, Jaejin, C.N Blue etc cough…but it’s so hard. >_> Arrg. I’m so fustrated. I don’t like math. -_____-“” But the good thing is that I have my time planned, so that I can study and have some break time…or else I’ll go crazyyy~

Like right now I’m on my mini break from studying science. XDD

I have exactly one week until I write this math EQAO, and  then about a week and a little until I have my exams. T^T



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