SHINee Goodbye Stage.!!~ ><

January 15, 2010

After all the promotions of both Ring Ding Dong and Jojo, SHINee performed their Goodbye stage today on Music Bank.

*sniffy*…I’m sad. V__V

It seems like yesterday when “Ring Ding Dong” came out and they were doing their comeback stage….now they say farewell too soon. >.<I’m missing them already, even though they still have to perform their Goodbye stage on Music Core and Inkigayo. Then they really gonna say goodbye. >__<

SHINee bid their farewell on Music bank as they performed both Ring Ding Dong and Jojo.

Credits: yootina @ youtube

It was such a fantastic performance!!~ Their voices!~~~ *melts* and as always, the boys are just too cute. >W<

But to me, they look kinda tired in the performance. >< Hope they get some rest now!!!

I hope they make their comeback soonnn!~ >W<




  1. so……….. shinee is done singing? or are they just done with doing performances with these songs and when they come up with more songs they will do more performances?

    • No, SHINee is not done singing. (thank goodness or else xD) At that time they were just finished with their promotions for those 2 songs. They would come up with more songs. 😀

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