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SHINee and 2PM backstage Music Bank~

January 15, 2010

Credits:: yootina @ youtube

Hehehe~ This is just SOOO CUTEE!  I have to share this.!~ Taemin ahhh~ Why are you so cute??!! XD


SHINee Goodbye Stage.!!~ ><

January 15, 2010

After all the promotions of both Ring Ding Dong and Jojo, SHINee performed their Goodbye stage today on Music Bank.

*sniffy*…I’m sad. V__V

It seems like yesterday when “Ring Ding Dong” came out and they were doing their comeback stage….now they say farewell too soon. >.<I’m missing them already, even though they still have to perform their Goodbye stage on Music Core and Inkigayo. Then they really gonna say goodbye. >__<

SHINee bid their farewell on Music bank as they performed both Ring Ding Dong and Jojo.

Credits: yootina @ youtube

It was such a fantastic performance!!~ Their voices!~~~ *melts* and as always, the boys are just too cute. >W<

But to me, they look kinda tired in the performance. >< Hope they get some rest now!!!

I hope they make their comeback soonnn!~ >W<



C.N Blue Debuts on Music Bank!!!~

January 15, 2010


We’ve all been waiting long enough! ^_^

Credits:: chriscorpias6 @youtube

Gahaa~ So hott!~

OMG! I’m in love with Minhyuk!~ XD How he plays the drums is too hot. xDD

and at the beginning when Yonghwa fixes his tie..*melts*


C.N Blue Fighting! ^___^


SHINee Hello Baby [more info] ! >W<

January 15, 2010

Aiyaaa~ There are just too many things happening now. xDD


credits: omonatheydidnt + CMJ@soompi

Awww. The boy is so cutee!~ and so are SHINee. ;]

The boy name is Jung Yoo Geun. He has such beautiful eyes! O_O and he’s 4 years old. ^__^


C.N Blue’s “Bluetory” ish outtt listen to the tracks.!~

January 15, 2010

Hehehe~ Lately, a lot of my entries are about C.N Blue.  because they’re gonna debut soonn!!~ >W<[in a matter of hours now. ] Kyaaaaaaa~

Now, their album is outtt!~

Here are the tracks.

Credits:: Allkpop, urnobody191

I’m a Loner

I Will Forget You…

Love Revolution

Now or Never

Y, Why

b WahH~ They are already so good!!~ I have a feeling that they would be as sucessful as FT Island when they debuted! ^^ Their style is different from FT Island. :]


So Stresssed!~~~

January 15, 2010

Lately, I got really into folding paper stars…again….xDD

Hehehhe~ <33


Looool~ I had nothing better to do. xDD

Gahh~ I feel so stressed these days. Exams are coming up closer and closer, and I cannot focus on studying. That is my main problem…I can’t focus. >__< I’m so nervous and scared of the exams. None of the information are getting into my head! and for some reason, I have the feeling that I already know the info enough but ….I know that I would forget everything on the exam. *dies*.

I’m limiting my computer time until exams are all over…I try to not think of things that would get me off track…cough SHINee, FT Island, SHU-I, Taemin, Key, Minhwan, Jaejin, C.N Blue etc cough…but it’s so hard. >_> Arrg. I’m so fustrated. I don’t like math. -_____-“” But the good thing is that I have my time planned, so that I can study and have some break time…or else I’ll go crazyyy~

Like right now I’m on my mini break from studying science. XDD

I have exactly one week until I write this math EQAO, and  then about a week and a little until I have my exams. T^T