Taemin is skinner than Go Hara!? !!~

January 13, 2010


“Recently, SHINee Taemin is hitting the headlines of Korean sites.

Neitizens/mostly fans are worried and concerned about a member SHINee Taemin’s width of his thighs while others are half-joking about it. It seems like his thighs are skinnier than KARA Goo Hara’s.”

Credit: weareshining.com (WRS)
Translation: jojo @ weareshining.com


Taemin ah!!~ you’re so skinny! and he says that he eats the most. >3< Apparently he said that he’s the kind of person that can loose weight very quickly and is hard to gain weight. I wish I was like that. -XP As you see from the picture, you can see that Taemin has skinner thighs than Go Hara. O____O

Ahhhhh~ Seeing this picture makes me worry. >< Taemin Oppa!~ Eat more okay? >.<



  1. Ohmy he’s so skinny!
    But you really have to consider that he’s just 17… I suppose he’s still growing, since boys tend to develop later than girl. Maybe once he’s over puberty, it will be easier for him to gain weight… let’s hope so!

  2. oh my god i think goo hara is the most skinnier of tighs buwahha!!~ XD lol but i still love taemin!!!

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