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Taemin is skinner than Go Hara!? !!~

January 13, 2010


“Recently, SHINee Taemin is hitting the headlines of Korean sites.

Neitizens/mostly fans are worried and concerned about a member SHINee Taemin’s width of his thighs while others are half-joking about it. It seems like his thighs are skinnier than KARA Goo Hara’s.”

Credit: (WRS)
Translation: jojo @


Taemin ah!!~ you’re so skinny! and he says that he eats the most. >3< Apparently he said that he’s the kind of person that can loose weight very quickly and is hard to gain weight. I wish I was like that. -XP As you see from the picture, you can see that Taemin has skinner thighs than Go Hara. O____O

Ahhhhh~ Seeing this picture makes me worry. >< Taemin Oppa!~ Eat more okay? >.<


C.N Blue’s Fourth Teaserr!!~

January 13, 2010

Hehe~ I bet many Shinwoo Jung Yong Hwa’s teaser….well, ITS FINALLY OUT! ^___^

Emotional Jung Young Hwa

Omg. Omg. Omg. So hot. xDDDDD

Have you guys notice this? All of the beggining letters for their teasers, spell the word BLUE. >W<

Burning – Jonghyun
Lovely – Minhyuk
Untouchable – Jungshin
Emotional –  Younghwa


The next thing they are gonna release is the MV! Gahahaha~ I can’t wait until they debuttt! <33

Really, I’m happy that their group doesn’t have a lot of people. :] To me, an idol group with more than 6 people is hard to memorize the names. xDDDD