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FT Island in Hong Kong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

January 12, 2010


As read from the title, FT Island would be holding their 1st ever Hong Kong showcase in February. The date is to be on February 17th 2010. !!~ At Rotunda 3 Hall, 6/F, Hongkong International Trade & Exhibition Centre, according Primanoona @ wordpress. Tickets have already been open for sale yesterday, January 11th 2010.


*dies *

Why am I not in Hong Kong at this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Heh. I was already jealous enough when SHINee went to China in the beginning of 2010. Now FT Island is going to Hong Kong, the place where I was born!! Gahh~ Maybe I can get my grandma to go and get me their autographs and pictures. LOOOOL

*cries in a corner*

I want to go so badly!~~~ But anyway, FT Island would be in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year, since this year’s Chinese New Year happens to be on February 14th [Valentines Day]. Meaning that the people in Hong Kong mostly get a break. [students get’s a break from school and workers as well] The 17th is the third day of Chinese New Years, so I bet a lot of people would go see them, since many students won’t  have school.!~

Whaaaa~ I wish I can go. If the go in the summer, then I can have a change to go to Hong Kong….but…but…in February!! T___T Why am I in Canada. -_______-”

*dies take 2*

Kekeke!~ FT Island Spam. >W<


F(x) and M.I.C’s Lollipop MV Released!!~

January 12, 2010

Yes. Finally it’s out!!~ [kekekekek~ I’ve been waiting for this.^__^]

After the CF (teaser) we got the other day, the MV is finally released!!

Check it out!~

credits: heartfx @youtube

Hehehehhehe~ I take back of what I said last time of Big Bang and 2NE1‘s and this version. 😛

Personally, I can’t compare the two MVs…because I like them both. Hehehhe~ How can you not like Amber’s rapping!! ❤ I’m really happy that this time Victoria got some parts to sing. =] I bet she’s quite comfortable singing in Mandarin. ^^

Both MVs are very colourful, and what I like about F(x)’s version is that they actually dance a lot more. but one thing that I thought was kinda weird caught my attention is their clothes. O___O When I first saw it I was like, “Uhh…that’s a lot of layers…!!” But I like Amber’s orange top, looks really good on her. XD

I have to say, I think F(x) are the only ones that can pull of such….unique hairstyles. Just like Dara’s palm tree hair. I think only her can actually make that hairstyle look cute. :3

Overall, I really like the MV. I have to say that M.I.C are kinda cute. ;P and their dancing is quite good!~ ^___^ Wish them good luck! :3

Now I want the Lollipop phone. xD

But I also want LG Cyon new Crystal phone.~~ Kekekek~ the one that Big Bang did a CF on. ;]

Gahh~ Such a pretty phonee~

Gyaa~ Ji Yong Oppa! >W<