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SHINee’s Hello Baby Season Two!!!~~~

January 11, 2010

Teehee~ After SNSD’s season of Hello Baby, [where they have to take care of a baby] looks like it’s SHINee‘s turn!! [insert fangirl scream]..

Here’s the teaser. :3

Credits: shineee16 @ youtube

Ahhhhhhhh!!!~ I seriously cannot waitt!~ melts at Taemin’s “I’ll protect you..” They are so adroable!!~. >w<

It’s said that the show would air on January 19th.!!!~ :]


C.N Blue 3rd Teaser!!~~ Untouchable. <3

January 11, 2010


They released their thrid teaser, this time with the bass player, Jungshin. ❤

Credits:: CodeAzzurro @ youtube, FNCMUSIC1 @ YouTube

Like the other teasers, this one emphasizes alliteration as well, titled, “U. Untouchable.”

The 2 previous teasers were,

~Burning Jonghyun

~Lovely Minhyuk

and  now

~Untouchable Jungshin


Hehehehe~ and yes, the next teaser should be who we’ve all been waiting for….Jung Yong Hwa. <33

Check out the 2 previous teasers and the member\’s profiles!~!~~

Aiyaaa~ I can’t wait for their debut!! <333