SHU-I Comes back on Music Bank with “Save Me” !!~ + new image

November 14, 2009

Kyaa~ I’ve been waiting for so long for them to make a comeback!!!!!~ (actually, I bet all SHU-I fans have been waiting neh? :P)

This time, they turned the table around with a new image! ! They are so adorable!!~~ >W<


Teehee~ Inseok’s hair is adorable. >W< Reminds me of Hongki’s hair when FT Island first debuted. :3

and his pants really reminds me of G-dragon’s!! O__O

and Hongki’s old hair…

G-dragon‘s pants in “My Heaven” .

GAH~ I love his  hair! ^^ and I miss Hongki’s ponytail. xD

Hyungjun got a haircut too. >W< …………ehh…it makes him look cuter. XD but I like his old hair better. xD

New hair

Changhyun‘s new hair

Heh. I like him with longer hair. V__V

Maybe I just have a thing for longer haired guys…but like….ya. xD

They all look adorable. >W< I like their new style. ^^ REALLY CUTE~


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