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G-dragon’s “Butterfly” Music Video Released!~~

October 23, 2009


I find it really cute. >W<

Check it out. ~

Criedits:: chyansie

I find it really cute, when GD and the girl kisses, and he turns into a lot of butterflies. >W<


G-dragon gonna release a new MV?

October 23, 2009

Keke~ Looks like Ji-yong Oppa (G-dragon) is gonna release a new music video tomorrow!!! From Heartbreaker to Breathe, and now “Butterfly“.  =D

What is weird is that at the end of the music video for “Breathe”, it showed a teaser of “A Boy” another one of G-dragon’s song from his solo alum, Heartbreaker. o_O

But it doesn’t matter neh? It’s still G-dragon. >W< Maybe A Boy’s music video would come out later. ;D

Isn’t this picture adorable??? >W< GD is so cute. xDD




FT Triple Releases “Love Letter” Teaser!!~~

October 19, 2009

As you might know, FT Island’s sub group, FT Triple with; Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Choi Jonghun.

credits: FT Island forum soompi

Recently, they have released a teaser of their new song, “Love Letter”.

There is a tad bit of change in this group. Jaejin the bassist and the vocal, is now playing the guitar and singing in this song, Jonghun is playing the piano instead of the guitar and Minhwan is doing the drums as usual with his awesome drumming skills. >W<

Check it out. <33

Credits for vid and info:: Primanoona


*faints*…..Jaejin’s voice melts my heart. >W< and Minhwan ish such a hottie now. *drools*



Ring Ding Dong~ SHINee MV. <3

October 18, 2009

*faints again*

They are darn hot in this MV. O_O


Credits:: XxnihonxX

Keke~ I love them dancing in the water. So hot. :3 and the ending is awesome. They have wings!! xDD


SHINee~ Ring Ding Dong Comeback Stage! <33

October 18, 2009

Yayayaa~ They’re back! SHINee!

They made their comback on SBS Inkigayo with their latest track Ring Ding Dong.”

Check it out! ❤

credit: CodeMonmonSeason3

*drools* …….they got hotter. >W<  Keke~ Taemin hair! ❤ Onew is so cute. *faints* ….

Lol~ Don’t you think that SHINee is one of the best male dance groups in the K-pop industry? Because I sure do. ^__^ Their dancing is just amazing! ~

Just from their first song and from their debut stage, I thought they were awesome dancers! and knowing that Taemin is so young and talented!!! =O

“Replay ”

Credits: siulovesmtown

So awesome. >W<


Jonghun and Seunghyun ~ Hottie models. ;)

October 18, 2009

For the Fall 2009 Seoul Fashion Week show that was held at Seoul Trade & Exhibition Convention Centre on October 17th, Choi Jonghun and Song Seunghyun both participated in this special even as models. 😉

Gahh~ They are so hot. You have to agree. ;D

Just look at them. >W<  All mature and hot. >W<

Seunghyun Oppa~

Jonghyun Oppa~

Credits for the pics and info:: Primanoona + Soompi FT Island Forum



Just a random rant. V____V

October 18, 2009

*sighh*..I’m really not feeling very depress right now. I’m tired, sleepy and just want to rant. >__> It’s like the second month of school and I don’t really like it…and all my good friends are in other schools. =_=” To be honest, I don’t really like my school. Yea, I have friends, the teacher are really good… but the thing is that they don’t share the same interests as I do. T__T Like, I listen to K-pop, C-pop and J-pop..none of my friends does, I LOVE watching Korean dramas, no one watches it, I LOVE watching anime and reading manga, no one reads it. and they think that anime is weird. =___=” *facepalm to them* 😛 Like, I feel left out when they talk about their things that I don’t know about. T^T

and I have no one to share my FT Island info with. =_=” I tell my friends about FT Island, they don’t really get it because they don’t know who they are. =_=”

That’s when I shove pictures of FT Island in their faces and show them how cute they are. >:D

I want to meet new friends, but I can’t. How can I meet new friends when practically all the people in my high school are from my old school. O__O and they are the people that I don’t like are just the kind of people that I don’t want to be with. You know what I mean? Like, they aren’t very nice people.  Some of them even do drugs. I’m serious! V____V

I guess you can say that I’m picky with friends, but really, I just need a friend that has common with me and is nice. (Hehehe~ I can’t think of a better word than nice..xD)*sighh* this is a challenge for me. =_=”‘

Maybe I should join more teams to meet more people. Gah~ I’m a shy person, but then again when I get close with someone I am very..loud. XD *sighhh* I guess maybe it’s only the second month of school, and I’m still trying to get use to this new school and such. =________________=”

Teehee~ I feel a little better now that I ranted it out. XD  *yawns* I really want to sleep but I have a science project to finish. T__________T (LOL and I’m on my blog..xDD)