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Happy Halloween!!~

October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!~

Keke~ I don’t know why I’m kinda excited, even though I’m not going out trick or treating this year. xP I don’t know why I just don’t feel like going this year. Maybe I’m getting to old for going out and getting candies. O_O I’m quite excited for giving out candies to people tonight. Some kids can be so adorable in their little pumpkin costume. >W< I usually give them extra more candies. Hehe~

This year I actually helped decorating our house. xD Usually my parents would just randomy decorate enough so people would come to our house to get candy, very simple decorations. This year I helped. ^__^ I made little ghosts to hang everywhere on our deck and door, then I help putting spider webs (cotton) all over our window. The little ghosts were really easy to make, keke ~ I drew random faces on each of them. xDD I even hang like this spider on the door. ^_^ Not too much decorations, but the best in years. O_O My mom told me that she was the one who always decorates the house for Halloween each year, since I grew older. xD I have to admit that it has been a while since I help decorated the house. The last time was when I was in grade 4. xDDD

I remember my first Halloween when I came to here to North America. xD My parents didn’t really know that we can get A LOT of candy, so I was just holding this tiny little pail in a little rabbit costume, I was like 4 years old. xDD I miss going trick or treating with my sister. >W<

I really want to cosplay one year. xDD But the cosplay costumes are so expensive. >3< All well….I’ll wait. xDD