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Paper Stars!! <3

October 25, 2009


Lately I got really into folding paper stars. I don’t know why though. xD I like the glow in the dark ones, like when I go to sleep at night all I see is this glowing circular object. xD Kinda freaky but I like it. >=D

Keke~ FT Island. ^__^


Old FT Island Video. V__V

October 25, 2009

I was going through an old FT Island video, and I re watched this one where Hongki was sick and they were forced to perform. V____V

(This is old news..but..yea. >________>)

This was all the way in December last year, but as you can hear, Hongki’s voice didn’t sound right and he looked very tried, and his earphone wasn’t working properly. It was so sad to see him like this. T____T

*throws chair at company or whoever that made him perform when he was sick*

But I have to say that their style for this performance was quite interesting and very hot. ^___^

Here are some cuts::

Minhwan and Jonghun looked so awesome. >W<

Jaejin, Wonbin and a tired Hongki. T__T

and lastly, Wonbinne. >W< I love his earring.!!


FT Triple~ <3

October 25, 2009


Tomorrow, October 26th is when FT Triple’s album would be released. >W< . . The music video would also be out too. ^__^ I seriously cannot wait!!!!~ Then on October 29th, FT Triple would be performing their new image on MNet’s Countdown.


I am so excited!! I bet a lot of you Primadonnas are feeling the same way as I am. xD


OHH~ Look at this picture of out FT Triple.!!~

Credit: sportschosun+ pkTN@SSH’s forum+CNMK@soompi/PITeam

Aren’t they just hottie pies? xD

Minhwannie is hot. :3

OHH~ and preorder FT Island’s Vol. 3 – Repackage Album : Double Date (2DC) on Yesasia soon!!~