SHINee~ Ring Ding Dong Comeback Stage! <33

October 18, 2009

Yayayaa~ They’re back! SHINee!

They made their comback on SBS Inkigayo with their latest track Ring Ding Dong.”

Check it out! ❤

credit: CodeMonmonSeason3

*drools* …….they got hotter. >W<  Keke~ Taemin hair! ❤ Onew is so cute. *faints* ….

Lol~ Don’t you think that SHINee is one of the best male dance groups in the K-pop industry? Because I sure do. ^__^ Their dancing is just amazing! ~

Just from their first song and from their debut stage, I thought they were awesome dancers! and knowing that Taemin is so young and talented!!! =O

“Replay ”

Credits: siulovesmtown

So awesome. >W<


One comment

  1. omg. in replay, i miss taemin’s old hair @__@
    i wish he has his black mushroom hair bak!!!!

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