Just a random rant. V____V

October 18, 2009

*sighh*..I’m really not feeling very depress right now. I’m tired, sleepy and just want to rant. >__> It’s like the second month of school and I don’t really like it…and all my good friends are in other schools. =_=” To be honest, I don’t really like my school. Yea, I have friends, the teacher are really good… but the thing is that they don’t share the same interests as I do. T__T Like, I listen to K-pop, C-pop and J-pop..none of my friends does, I LOVE watching Korean dramas, no one watches it, I LOVE watching anime and reading manga, no one reads it. and they think that anime is weird. =___=” *facepalm to them* 😛 Like, I feel left out when they talk about their things that I don’t know about. T^T

and I have no one to share my FT Island info with. =_=” I tell my friends about FT Island, they don’t really get it because they don’t know who they are. =_=”

That’s when I shove pictures of FT Island in their faces and show them how cute they are. >:D

I want to meet new friends, but I can’t. How can I meet new friends when practically all the people in my high school are from my old school. O__O and they are the people that I don’t like are just the kind of people that I don’t want to be with. You know what I mean? Like, they aren’t very nice people.  Some of them even do drugs. I’m serious! V____V

I guess you can say that I’m picky with friends, but really, I just need a friend that has common with me and is nice. (Hehehe~ I can’t think of a better word than nice..xD)*sighh* this is a challenge for me. =_=”‘

Maybe I should join more teams to meet more people. Gah~ I’m a shy person, but then again when I get close with someone I am very..loud. XD *sighhh* I guess maybe it’s only the second month of school, and I’m still trying to get use to this new school and such. =________________=”

Teehee~ I feel a little better now that I ranted it out. XD  *yawns* I really want to sleep but I have a science project to finish. T__________T (LOL and I’m on my blog..xDD)


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