You’re Beautiful~ 미남이시네요 ~ <333

October 17, 2009

Zomg, I’m totally in love with this drama. >W< Watched episode 4 today. It’s so good!!~ Now we have to wait another week for the next 2 episodes. T_____T

I’m starting to like A.N.JELL a lot. Jang geun Suk as Tae Kyung is such a…….cool character. xD He seems like he doesn’t care for Go Min Nam (Park Shin Hye) but he helped her even though he’s acting so cool. >WW< So adorable. ~ and Hongki as Jeremy. Hehe~ His character is so cute and funny. 😀 I love him the most. 😉



Jung Yonghwa (from CN Blue) as Kang Shin Woo …his character just melts my heart…keke~ so does his look. xD

This is such a cute pic. xD

Hongki!! w<
CREDITS CLIP BY :: cashewmaniakpop CAP & UPPIC BY :: mystar_hoonnie @ soompi

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  1. 지현이지??

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