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SHU-I! <3

October 15, 2009

Heh. After that new boyband post, I want to talk about SHU-I now. >W<
SHU-I debuted on September 18. 3 weeks ago with their song, “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. I don’t really like their music video for this song…kinda weird. I had plastic babies in bags. O_O

Credits:: DORKy0100
Kyaaa~ 2:07-2:16. My new fangirling target. Inseok, the leader of the group. >W< Gyaa~ so cute. *drools*

Credits:: urasiansourceKpop
Here he ish my target….INSEOK! ~
*jawdrops* cute. xD I believe he was in the group R-eal before. :3

This video shows their cuteness. xD but it also reminds me of 2PM, which made me miss Jaebeom more. T^T *sighhhhhhhhhh*..why does he have to leave. T~T The past is the past..jeez..
ANYWAY!~ you can see how cute Inseok ish. >W< (He's the one in the purple vest with the hood with the cap) So cute!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My comment on this group is that their dancing is not the best in “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. They seem a little stiff compared to Big Bang. <3, but hey. I bet they are trying their best. ^__^
They are a new group anyway, so they're good. ^_^ keke~ Inseok. ❤ For some reason in the vid for Again & Again, he kinda looked like Heechul from Super Junior. O_O

Kekee~ I hope they would improve and be more awesome. =3


Finally Boybands!!! <3~

October 15, 2009

Well…we know that through this summer, many girl groups have debuted into the k-pop industry. Such as, 2NE1 with Fire, 4Minute with Hot Issue, T-ara with Lies and F(x) with Lachata and etc. XD boy bands are coming out!! Yayy for us fangirls. xD

Hot out of the oven debut BEAST from Cube Entertainment. Instead of having their debut stage on M! Countdown, they had their own showcase with 4Minute as their guest. 😀
Here’s the video of their debut. “Bad Girl”
Credits:: toto101

This group had many other artists who congratulated this group through videos. ^^ This includes JI YONG OPPA! aka, G-dragon. :3 So happy that G-dragon is supporting the ex member of Big Bang, HyunSeung. It’s so nice of him. ^_______^
G-dragon said, “I know about BEAST’s debut through the internet. There is HyunSeung in BEAST whom I’m close to and I love. This friend has worked hard and for a long time for his debut, so please give him much love and support. BEAST, hwaiting!”
HyunSeung reply to this video was, “I don’t know when JiYoung prepared for this. But I’m really touched by him giving strength like a real brother. Looks like he will be watching the first broadcast, this gives me strength.”
Keke~ So cute. ^__^
Here is the video of the artists that congratulated this new boygroup.

Credits:: yanaftwtwo

Other artists that congratulated them are:
* Wheesung
* Kim Taewoo
* 2AM
* SHINee
* Super Junior
* 2PM Junho
* Lee Hyori

My comment on this group is that, even though they have their own style…they kinda remind me of SHINee. O_______O Maybe it’s the dancing and stuff, but yea..good job to them. =)

ANOTHER group freshly debuted is….MBLAQ.
They are J.Tune Entertainment’s newest boy group. and with Rain (Bi) as their producer they successfully debuted on M! Countdown with their song, Oh Yeah, while having many people out there with high expectations for them. =O
Here’s their debut.

and the music video

Credits:: Allkpop

Sandara Park (from 2NE1)’s brother is in BEAST. xD Cheon Dung the rapper of the group. 😉 The song is okay, their dancing is hot and overall they did good too. ^__^
ALSO, Bang Chulyong from this group’s older sister is actress Go Eun Ah (real name: Bang Hyojin)’s brother. Wow. xD
People say that Chulyong looks like Hongki from FT Island. O_O
I say only in the black and white picture he resembles a little bit of Hongki. xD

Keekee~ These debuts reminds me of when FT Island and Big Bang debuted back then in like..2007. >W3< and of course FT Island. ❤ ;D
Big Bang:

Credits:: Credits:: rainbowsandsunshines

FT Island:

Credits:: MaggieLovesKorea
OH MY GEE~ THEY ARE SO CUTE~~~~ >W< Keke. Look at Minhwan.!! XD ……… man they all grew up so much. MINHWAN OPPA! 😀
Well, hope more boy bands would come out. *cough..more like FT Island and Big Bang..cough*
But..hehe no one would replace the, in me’s heart. >:D