Wonbin is back!?? ~ “You’re Beautiful”

October 14, 2009

Credits:: ifaah15

Ever since Wonbin left FT Island, not much has been said of him, except for the fact that he wanted to start his own solo career.
According to Allkpop, it said that earlier today, the OTS of the drama, “You’re Beautiful” was released. Wonbin sings the song with Miss $. The title of the OTS is, “하늘에서 내려와 (Coming Down from the Sky).”

Gahh!~ I’m so happy that Wonbinnie is ..sorta back. ^__^ I miss him so much. >W..w< but I’m kinda disappointed of the song. Wonbinne had so less to sing. T^T and his voice was higher too.
I almost didn’t recognize him. -__-” *slaps self*. Meeh~ at least he’s kinda back right? ^___^
I hope he releases a solo album soon. >W<
Wonbin Oppa~ We miss you so much. X3


Here are some pics of him with FT Island: <333


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