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FT Island “Lie” Release!! >W<

October 13, 2009

Credits for the video:: XxtenerifexX

Allkpop says::
“he song, which describes the tragic love story between a couple whose lies compel them to separate, sounds like another one of the boy band’s trademark ballads that can make you tear up with just one listen. The inclusion of Seunghyun’s rap in the beginning and at the end, delivering the same passion that the group’s main vocalist has to offer, further enhances the quality of the song. FT Island’s “Lie” provides a refreshing alternative among the autotune and electronic beats that have been heavily abused in the music industry these days.”

*fangirl screams*……………..
Ahem. …*calms down*

So it’s out! =) Keeeyaa~ I’m in love with this song now. >W< Seunghyun’s rapping is just so good!!!!!! =O I love it. and it’s sounds so sad too. Makes me wanna cry. T^T
To me, this is a song that is….FT Island. XD Like, more of FT Island’s style. Very “Cheerful Sensibility“. ^___^
I prefer FT Island singing songs like this. >:3 because Hongki’s voice is just so amazing in singing love songs or sad songs. >W<
His voice can make me cry. T~T
*faints over Hongki's voice* ….. and the drumming ish good too. 😛 Minhwan. W< I keep on replaying it!!
I hope there is a music video for this song. >W<


and looks like Hongki changed his hair back to black. o_o
Credits:: Primanoona
Aww. I kinda like his blonde hair style. >W< Not all asians looks good with blonde hair. 😛 Some does look really good…but some don't..*coughMEcough* XP
But all well, he looks really cute in black too. 😀 More natural and reminds me of him of the " Colorful Sensibility ” time. =)