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“Raining”~ FT Island music video!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~

October 10, 2009

It’s finally out. >W=P

credits:ftislandjp + primanoona, Jinnienomuyeppo

The song is pretty good. ^^ I really like this MV, it kinda brought back the “old FT Island” in my opinion. 😉 but I guess the more “matured old FT Island”? …I’m making no sense here. xD
Anyway, the chorus is really catchy. I fell in love with this song because of the chorus that was played in the promo. ^^
When Jaejin sang the chorus, it was just so sweet. His voice is so sweet and smexy. 😉 I have to admit that I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard Jaejin singing the chorus.! It was just so cute! xD >.W<

I’m really happy to see Jonghun playing the piano in this MV. I hardy ever see him play. O_O The last time I saw him and a piano in a MV was in “Love Sick”. Remember the keyboard that was there? Yea. I think that was the last time I saw him play the piano in a MV. O___O
Well, he looks super hot playing that piano. Waaay better looking than me playing. =_=”
Credit; Jumil@ftislandvn + July@soompi

and Seunghyun’s ponytail is just…so…HOT! >O<

OH~ and you can’t forget how hot and cute Minhwan looks. O_O I have to say, this boy ish growing up so fast. >._>
But, Minhwan is always cute to me, and he is certainly getting HOT!!!!!~
Look at these!!! I just can’t stop looking at it. XDD
*droolsss*…………………. *faints*
Credits:: soompi FT island forum
See what I mean? He ish so hot. >w<
Kekeke~ Compare?

Kyaa~ Minhwan Oppa FIGHTING! ❤

and Of course you can’t forget Hongki. >W< I mean….look at him! Such a hottie. !~
Credits:: soompi FT island forum

I can’t wait until October 21!!