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“You’re Beautiful!” ~ Drama

October 7, 2009

Thanks to wlqgoddbdP who uploaded the first episode of the drama, “You’re Beautiful”. ^___^

Credits:: wlqgoddbdp

*sighhh*…It looks pretty good. I only understood a little bit, because I don’t speak Korean. T____T
I wish I did. >.W< Man, Hongki ish so awesome. >W<


Hiking Trip. V__V

October 7, 2009

Gahhh~ Went hiking today. =_=. So tired.!!! It rained last night so the trails are all muddy and wet. Also, it was drizzling today and SUPER windy! I thought I was gonna get blown away by the wind. =_=”
Hiked 9.5km. Gaah~ Thought I was gonna die. xD I’m not much of an outdoors person….I like nature in a way, but not the kind that I have to go through trees, build a tent, jump into mud O_O, and going under a waterfall. =_= (we did all that today, except for the tent building. xD) I prefer lying down on the grass and staring up at the sky. Or just relaxing under a tree. ^___^

The sad thing is that we didn’t even see one animal! NOT even a bird. O_O weird. and I almost slipped into the waterfall. -__-” Clumsy me. It kinda felt nice to have fresh air. BUT IT WAS SO COLD!
Feels good to be at home and listening to music after a tired day. ^^
(Keke~ FT Island! <333.)

ZOMG~ I want this cosmetic bag. >W<
Credits:: Soompi FT Island Forum