Hongki “You’re Beautiful” !~~

October 6, 2009


Kekekeke~ So the drama is airing tom!!! Well, actually October 7th at 10:00pm in Korea. =)
Which would 10:00am here. >__> ..Gah. I would be on my yucky hiking trip. =_=”
Gyaa~ I really cannot wait to watch it! It sounds so interesting!!!!!~~~~ ^___^


In the drama, Hongki is the drummer of the band, A.N.JELL. Hongki will play the role of “Jeremy“, a British-Korean. :3
Kekeke~ I bet Hongki took some pointers from Minhwan on playing the drums. :3
LOL. Those drumsticks look kinda like Minhwan’s. xD
Heh. I’m so used to seeing Hongki as the main vocalist and Minhwan as the drummer, that it seems kinda weird to see Hongki at the drums. xDDD

Keke~ A.N.JELL! ^__^

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