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“Raining” FT Island 30 second promo!! ~

October 5, 2009

Sounds really awesome to me. 😉

Credits:: krillia

Now, I seriously can not wait! >_W<
Hongki and Jaejin looks so hot! *__________*
Kyaa~ I want the 21st to come quickly! >W<

Here are some pics. ^__^

Credits:: Soompi FT Island Forum

I have to say that I really like the scenery in this mv. ^___^
and of course, Jaejinny running. xD


Minhwan Drum Sticks!!!!!!!~

October 5, 2009

I was surfing on the net as usual, and I found out that there are these drum sticks for sale that has Minhwan’s autograph on it. =OOOOO


Keke~ I want it. >W<
Even though I can’t even play the drums. =_=” . I really want to play either the bass or the drums. But I doubt that I can ever play the drums because I cannot do like 5 different beats at the same time. O_O I get jealous at people who do that. xDDD.  ZOMG, Minhwan can drum and sing at the same time!! >W<
Such a talented boy. <333

Meeeh~ I don’t want to play the clarinet anymore. >3< I want to play the bass. >=D
Kekeke~ Jaejin. xD
But yea….I guess I would try and play it when I get older. =_= My don’t think my parents would buy a bass for me when I have a piano and a clarinet. =_______=