FT Island is safe. >__<

September 28, 2009

Many might have heard that there was a big hurricane in Philippines. o_o The flooding might be the worst in forty years! O_O Well, I don’t live in Philippines but I really hope that everything can go well. Many people lost their lives. This is like what have happened in Taiwan a few months ago. >__.__<

It was said that FT Island recently went to the Philippines to shoot their new music video. But the storm stict and F&C were not able to contact them for while. However, that afternoon the found out that they were safe. *phew*
From Allkpop we know that the boys are safe and would be heading back to Korea today. But their planned 4 days shooting of the music video was shortened to a 2 days, due to the storm. >.__<

Credits:: Allkpop

That must have been a scary experience. O_O
I remember I was in a Signal 10 typhoon in Hong Kong once. Our flight was canceled. but good thing to damages were done. :l


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