FT Island “Raining” Jacket Released!~~ (3rd Japanese Single!!)

September 27, 2009

Looky Looky!~

Credits to soompi FT Island Forum + Primanoona

*drools over Minhwan* :3

Here are the tracks::

Track list:

1. Raining
Lyrics by miyakei / Music by 大智 / Arranged by youwhich

2. Everything is possible
Lyrics by Shusui, Lee Jae Jin / Music by Shusui

3. It’s U
Lyrics by Lee Jae Jin, CUL / Music by OWL / Arranged by youwhich

1. Raining (Promotion Video)
2. Raining (Special Feature)

As you see, Jaejinny is doing the lyrics for two songs. 😀
I feel so happy and proud of him. >WW<
So talented. ~~ Kekeke~
I Love his hair now. ^___^ and the colour. I prefer this more than the little mushroom cut. xD
ZOMG. Hongki’s hair suits him so much. >W<
I can't wait until it comes out!!!! October 21!!!!!

The DVD is in Region 2. T__________T WHY~~~~~!!! ……..>3:3

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