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FT Island’s new Album Picture. ^^

September 19, 2009

Credits to: Soompi FT Island forum.

Gyaa!~~ I’m really looking forward for this. They all look so hot. *___________*

Can’t wait for until October 21 either!!!
First it was “Breathe” music video ~ G-dragon on coming out on Monday September 21, now a picture for Raining, FT Island’s Japanese album. >W<
Kee~ I'm looking forward to a lot of things now. xD


G-dragon’s New “Breathe” Music Video COMING OUT!!!! ~

September 19, 2009


Credit to: ♥ KPOP JJANG 짱! &

It’s coming out on Monday, September 21!!! I seriously can not wait!! Heartbreaker that was released last month on August the 18 was so awesome!!! I bet this one is gonna be as awesome as the last one. >w<

Seriously, hearing this news, "I can't Breathe…I can't breathe!~~" :3

Credits: BigBangVIPTV

That smile in the melted my heart. *________*



Not Feeling Well. T^T

September 19, 2009

I’m not feeling very good. I have a really bit headache, a sore throat and a runny nose. T^T and I’m really cold right now. =_= The windows are like all opened.
Gahh……I think my head is gonna explode. >_=O
The games were kinda..weird. O_O
Like, there is this one where you have to put a tennis ball on your neck and pass it to other team members by only using your neck. O___O
It was really awkward. xDD
The games we had today, reminds me of the games on the Super Trio Show. xD (Hong Kong game show)