Feels kinda sick. V___V + Tae Yang’s solo.

September 18, 2009

Achoo. ~
I feel horrible. I have a really runny nose and a headache. T__T Gahh~ I don’t want to go to school tomorrow, even though we kinda get the second half of the day off, but I just feel so..tired and sick. O_O
And I;m not feeling very happy at my new school either. =_=
Like, I would LOVE to talk about K-pop, (kekeee~ FT ISLAND AND BIG BANG) with someone, but..but…none of my friends knows them because they don’t listen to K-pop. TT___TT
It’s not fair. xO
and I don’t really like the people in my classes. V_V……they are just the people that…doesn’t work and just like to fool around. And they are in all of my classes. The only class I kinda like is Music, because the teacher is really cool and funny. ;P
But yea. I really want to find someone that can talk about K-pop with me. V__V
Then I can throw off my rants about FT Island and Big bang. xD

ANYWAYZ~ I can’t wait for Tae Yang’s solo. 😉
I guess there would be a little battle between GD and TY. :3 I support them both. *cough..I love GD more..cough*



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