FT Island Sad music vids. V____V

September 16, 2009

I was re watching some of FT Island’s old music videos. T___T The sad ones.
Made me cry…again…and I don’t know the how many times I have cried through watching these music videos. >W<

A Man’s First Love Follows Him to His Grave + Only One Person.~ FT Island
Credits:: eukyangkyang

Man, this made me cry a heck a lot. The ending was just…too…sad. T___T
That face that Jonghun made when he was staring at the girl after he got stabbed….made me cry like heck.
TT____________TT…….like..so touching.
But the one funny thing I find about this vid is that in the very beginning, it showed Jaejin serving drinks. xD. but at that time he was underaged. XD

Thunder + Only One Person~ FT Island

This story wasn’t as sad as “A Man’s First Love Follows him to his grave” one. BUT~~ I still cried….T___T……my Minhwannie was so badly beaten up!!! When he was beaten up in the phone booth, I was like…O______O!!! I wanted to stab a toothbrush in the gangster dude’s eye for beating up Minhwan!! >:O
I was touched, when watching this music video the first time. Firstly, it was kinda touching when Hongki kinda yelled at the guy teacher saying that, it’s not wrong to like a teacher. V__V
Second, how the girl felt….the one that likes Hongki, and the one that Minhwan secretly likes. I really can relate how she feels. T__T Seeing someone you like, going out with someone else…..V.V
AND Thridly, I WAS REALLY touched, after Minhwan was beaten up and was talking with the girl he likes. The girl said that she doesn’t want to see Hongki fight. and…Minhwan decided to go see those gangster people alone without Hongki, when the gangster people wanted to see Hongki only. >________________< Minhwan even took the girls handkerchief with him when fighting those gangster people.
I was really touched. …and when Minhwan was thrown threw the window…the tears just kept coming. T___T

Heaven Part 1~ FT Island

Credits:: FTilove
To be honest, this one wasn’t really sad. V__V But I have to admit that Jonghun is so hot!! *___________*
The boys are so hot in this punk style.!!!! Love it.

Heaven Part 2~ FT Island

Credits:: FTilove
This one…I CRIED LIKE…OMG~ T___T
The ending was so sad and touching. *sniffy*….Jaejin…V__V
What an awesome boyfriend/friend he was. He sure did love that noona. O_O…………
At the part when Jaejin got stabbed the tears just couldn’t stop. And reading the lyrics to the song while watching the music video sure did help make me cry even more. V_V
and at the end, the last words that Jaejin was thinking was just so touching and so sad. T___T. I cried the most while watching this. It was just so touching to me.
I got really mad at that pervy taxi driver. >=O and I got kinda annoyed at the end too. When Jaejin was yelling for the noona to leave when he was stabbed and was stopping the taxi driver, the girl could have hit the taxi driver with something, instead of crying and yelling. =_=”. Obviously she could have found something there to hit the dude with in that junk room. =__=”
But I guess in that panic and chaos no one would really know what to do. >__<

Until You Return~ FT Island

Credits:: filmjin
I really LOVE this song. ^_^ The lyrics are beautiful and gives me goosebumps. xD
And this is another music video that made me cry.. šŸ˜› Like, the story is sad to me. V_____V
Since in the story, Wonbin and Hongki’s parents past away, it makes it more sad, because Hongki somehow believes in aliens (SO CUTE!! W:O
What meanies. I hate that mom. >=O
To be honest, I wouldn’t want her as my mommie either. =_=.

Honestly, I don’t cry that easily. xD
But, when it comes to FT Island and sad music videos and one of them dieing, I would cry. xDDDD


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