Can’t Wait!!!!!~~~

September 13, 2009

Kekekee~~ Well, I have ordered G-dragon’s solo album, Heartbreaker and FT Island’s 3rd albulm, Cross and Change and I’m waiting for it to come. >W<
I can't wait. I also ordered Big bang's concert DVD with it. ^__^ I can't wait, can't wait can't wait!!~~
Well, FT Island's album came out in July and G-dragon's came out last month, and I'm getting it now that is 2-1 months late. V___V
It's because I have no money. T___T I spent a lot of my money on manga. 😉
There are just too many thing that I want to buy, but don't have enough money to buy it. V__V…..or maybe things are getting more expensive these days. One manga costs like $10. O_O
Now, that I bought the 3 things, I have to save up again. I need to buy FT Island's new japanese album, Raining next month. 😛

Ji Young Opaa FIGHTING!!! <33

Cross and Change
Cross and Change!!!~
Kekee~ FT Island Hwaiting!! ❤


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