September 11, 2009

I finally got my courses changed!!! =) Like, after 2 lunches of lining outside the council’s office, and going to the council first thing in the morning, I finally got my schdeal changed back to what I got in the very beginning. =__=”
I’m pretty stupid eh? The schedule that I first got on regestration day is the same one I have right now.
At that time, I didn’t want to take instrumental music and wanted to switch to keyboards. Unfortunately, keyboards was full, so I had to switch to Dramatic Arts. BUT…when school started, I didn’t like the people much in my Drama class…>__> ehehhe….So, I switched back to instrumental music now. Which, I had to line up like 2 lunches for. >:O
Confusing eh? xP
Well, now I have Gym first thing in the morning. DX. But, I guess I would live. xD


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